Nickelback Resentment Association: promoting ‘better’ music

By Micki Cockrille

Published: Sunday, December 11, 2011

Updated: Monday, December 12, 2011

Some fans of music can agree that Nickelback does not fall under the category of music, rather the catego­ry of garbage. If you were offended by that gross as­sumption, then I must make a disclaimer that this article is not for a Nickelback fan.

The Nickelback Resent­ment Association could probably think of a band better than Nickelback for every letter in the band's name: Nine Inch Nails, In­cubus, Cake (you get the point).

The club, founded by President Megan Moyles, epitomizes the dislike of the band. Also founder of the Beard Enthusiast Club, Moyles is a junior majoring in communication.

She is the senator of housing for the SGA, who loves to play the ukulele and has an affinity for cute necklaces.

You may think a club dedicated to the dislike of one musical artist would not have a direction. A mission, if you will. Wrong.

The Nickelback Resent­ment Association mission states, "Our purpose is to promote the fundamental principle that is NOT okay for people to listen to ter­rible bands such as Nick­elback. We offer solutions and other options for stu­dents to better their music taste and to expand their horizons about today's mu­sic scene."

"Students may come to­gether to agree that Nickel­back sucks, to discuss their own music tastes, to share and discover new music, to plan going to and/or orga­nizing live music events or to even challenge the club's beliefs."

Students interested in the Nickelback Resent­ment Association can find the club on uccshatesnickelback. So far, all activity has been over Facebook.

"I'm going to kick off this club for real next semester," said Moyles. "‘Like' the page and stay tuned! I'm sure free pizza will be in­volved!"

With a thriving online community, the club finds people from around the world.

"People see it on their Facebook newsfeeds, and I assume they laugh, agree and join. I'm looking for­ward to actually meeting the members at UCCS once we have real meetings and get the ball rolling with this club on-campus instead of online," said Moyles.

As the next semester rolls around, club members can look forward to events.

"I am planning a Chad Kroeger effigy for next se­mester, as well as a Nick­elback CD burning night wherein we will literally set fire to Nickelback music. Just kidding."

Despite the Nickelback Resentment Association's feelings toward Nickelback, the idea of the club is to en­courage great music with future events.

"I'd like to have some lo­cal bands play, maybe, with the theme of Nickelback resentment or something. That was kind of the point of this club – to promote music that is actually good, and a lot of the time the stuff that's not as well-known is the best stuff."

With all of this Nickel­back resentment, is there any hope for the band? Does Moyles consider any of their songs "good?"

"Ugh, they all suck," Moyles said. "I was in Kohl's the other day and I'm pretty sure a Nickel­back Christmas song was playing. Tragic. One of their vices is that they all sound the same so to pick my ‘least favorite' would be to pick all of them.  


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